Coaches (South Simcoe Minor Baseball)


SSMBA Coach’s Code of Conduct

The following link includes what is now mandatory and should’ve have been submitted to the Registrar or your respective Convener

SSMBA Coaches Conduct
Coaches Code of Conduct

Score Reporting
Both Teams are responsible for sending scores and pitch counts to the division convenor within 24 hours of the completion of the game.

18U  [email protected]
15U   [email protected]
13U   [email protected]
11U   [email protected]
9U   [email protected]
8U   [email protected]
6U   [email protected]

SSMBA Coach Contacts

6U Coach Contact List
8U Coach Contact List
9U Coach Contact List
11U Coach Contact List
13U Coach Contact List
15U Coach Contact List
18U Coach Contact List

SSMBA’s Team Line Up Sheet

An ideal tool for coach’s to add your players and positions on a sheet before going to the game or while at the game make your changes before an inning or two, three…

Team Line Up Sheet

SSMBA’s Pitch Count Sheet

Try out SSMBA's pitch count sheet its designed for counting pitches for both teams all on one sheet. Simply download and the print the sheet off.

Pitch Count Sheet

SSMBA’s Game Score Sheets

Need a score sheet? Simply download at any time through-out the season.

The game sheet is designed for both team scoring on one sheet.

The following game sheet can be downloaded simply by clicking on the link…

SSMBA Score Sheet 

SSMBA’s Quick Rules Chart

This is a one page rules design for all divisions. Very useful if laminated…click on link…

SSMBA Quick Rules

SSMBA’s Divisional Rules & Regulations
2022 Rule Book